Over the past thirty years TRUpour has built an excellent reputation, as a solutions driven company with all our local brewery clients and we work closely with the technical, marketing and commercial people to introduce cost effective quality dispense solutions to their specific requirement.

These relationships have enabled us to gain an international reputation for high quality, reliability and excellent service.

As a result TRUpour now has customers spanning 5 continents. Many of the world's leading Breweries and Retailers have chosen TRUpour’s Fobs Detector to reduce waste and increase profits and have universally acknowledged the benefits of using our unique patented technology.

Key Brewery Customers include:

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Here's why the following customers chose TRUpour's Fobs Detector…

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Guinness Group Ireland

“TRUpour & Engineering Ltd have been supplying dispense equipment to Guinness Ireland for over twenty years. During that time quality or performance of the end product have never been contentious issues.

In 1992 TRUpour in conjunction with ourselves designed the Metallo-Fobs Detector.

Guinness endorse the use of Fobs Detectors on draught beer lines as aids in delivering consistent product in the glass every time. The TRUpour Fobs is a high quality product with a good performance record in our market place. We have every confidence in the unit as expressed in our purchasing record.”

Paul Norris – Dispense Development Manager – December 1995

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TGI Friday’s

“It is not often that TGI Friday’s endorses a product used in our restaurants…. When we remodelled our beer system in late 1995, we installed another manufacturer’s empty beer keg detectors to help minimize foam waste poured off when changing empty kegs of beer. These plastic units had a tendency to leak and didn’t give us reliable performance. When a detector cracked and leaked a full keg of beer into the cooler, we knew that a change was necessary.

In July of 1996, we removed the empty beer keg detectors and installed TRUpour Beer Fobs.

Since that time, we have not experienced a single problem with them. The best part of all is that our draught beer costs have been significantly reduced and we now have one of the lowest beer costs in the fifty-eight store, eastern division of the TGI Friday’s chain.”

Corinne Suarez – General Manager – King of Prussia, PA – June 1997

Marriott logo

Marriott Hotel Group

“It has been six months since we installed sixteen TRUpour Fobs on our draft beer lines. In that time, our liquor cost dropped an average of 9.08 percentage points each period compared to last year’s numbers. And having worked with a competitor’s Fobs, I can, with great confidence, attest to TRUpour’s superior quality and ease of use.”

Christopher A Slater – Bar Manager – Boston Marriott Long Wharf – October 1998

“Champions Sport Bar in the Copley Marriott is the busiest sports bar in the corporation that sells well over $1 million of beer sales alone annually.

TRUpour Fobs Detectors were installed with the new draught system. With the volume of beer we do each year, it is estimated that the Fobs Detectors generated about $8,130.00 incremental profit annually returning the initial investment within 4 – 6 weeks.”

Mark Jeffery - Director of Restaurants – Boston Marriott Copley Place- May 1996

Legal Sea Foods logo

Legal Sea Foods

“In 1997 we installed our first TRUpour Fobs Detector. We had been introduced to other beer saving products but had found that the build quality was incomparable with the Stainless Steel TRUpour design.

We invested $13,500 to install Fobs in our 17 restaurants. Our faith in the product was rapidly realised and we returned our initial investment within one month of installation.

Since introducing TRUpour Fobs Detectors we have reduced our draft beer costs by 3% and increased our profitability per keg on an incremental basis.”

David J. Alphonse - Director of Beverage Operations – July 1998