COOLit is a range of elegant dispense fonts constructed from stainless steel that chill the beer tap using a unique patented tap cooling technology. In November 2000 we patented our unique COOLit chilled CLASSIC swan necks and although we have seen others copy our development, we remain market leader with the most cost effective highest quality solution.

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Photo of a Classic Font   Photo of a Twist Font

Following the huge success of the COOLit CLASSIC we expanded the range to include COOLit TWIST, COOLit HERMES and COOLit ZEUS - all using the original COOLit patented tap cooling technology. Since its introduction COOLit has become the market leader and industry standard with over 5,000 installations in Ireland during 2003 and the success of the product continues to grow worldwide.

COOLit is currently available in a range of heights and finishes – satin brushed, mirror polished or PVD plasma coated gold or bronze finishes. In addition we have developed a range of unique branding options located either on the beer tap shank or face mounted with optional LED illumination, and customised client branding. water supply line. This ensures that beer temperature is maintained whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing condensation which is evident on the outer surface of the unit.

Also Available - the E-Series Range:

Photo of an E-Series Font
Photograph of Fonts
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