TRUpour is focused on becoming the industry leader of high-quality Tap beverage dispense technology. The business has over 35 years of product design, manufacture and distribution experience, and is proud to have thousands of product installations worldwide. We have built lasting relationships with our customers because our products have proven to be trustworthy and reliable.

In the Taps section you can browse some of our product range and get a better understanding of the high-quality engineered products we produce for the worldwide market.

In 1998 we patented our first Tap, beginning a journey dedicated to continually improving the rotary valve concept. In 2004 we perfected our valve technology and manufacturing processes to deliver the most advanced, simplest rotational valve dispenser with the least moving parts in the world. We have named this fantastic innovation ROTOtap and we firmly believe that this product will become an industry standard over the coming years.

Photograph of taps
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